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Strategic Planning

What’s on your horizon? More plaintiff law firms are looking ahead and preparing now for the future. Strategic planning can be a fundamental element to high-level success. The Vista Consulting team can help your firm think strategically, planning a roadmap to achieve your “Vivid Vision” for the future. Vista’s approach to strategic planning is highly effective. We’ll spend time with you and key team members systematically analyzing the firm as a whole and identifying your desired operational and personnel structure as well as the preferred culture. The product of this time together will provide a clear, prioritized plan of action for your firm moving forward, including detailed action items and mission champions, along with targeted timelines. This plan can serve as your guide, helping you to make both immediate and long-term savvy operational decisions.

Vista’s strategic planning services include:

  • A pre-meeting review of questionnaire responses provided by key team members
  • An in-depth operational information analysis include key departments and processes
  • An in-depth financial information analysis including identification of key reports
  • Planning the firm’s vision in short-term and longer-term segments, including 90 days, one year, and three years out, incorporating phase-specific action items
  • Creating a firm “Vivid Vision” that identifies critical success factors and goal-drivers
  • A detailed action item list with priorities, champions, and timelines
  • Team dynamic evaluation
  • A proposal for enlisting a Vista Consultant to act as an accountability partner to help your team implement the items on the action list efficiently and effectively
Before we get started, we’ll determine how you define success both for your firm, personally, and for this strategic planning initiative. The product of a Vista Strategic Planning session will define measurement protocol and provide accountability for forward progress, so you will be able to track progress and hold yourself and your team accountable to the defined goals.

Vista is your partner in thinking strategically and developing a cogent plan for the future of your business.

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