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Fractional CFO Services

Vista’s Fractional CFOs understand the intricacies of plaintiff law firms and provide a truly comprehensive collection of services to strengthen the foundation of the firms they serve.
Vista's Fractional CFOs understand the intricacies of plaintiff law firms and provide a truly comprehensive collection of services to strengthen the foundation of the firms they serve.

The Fractional CFO provides high-level, strategic financial leadership.
Vista's Fractional CFOs:
  • Truly get to know your firm and act in partnership with you from the foundation up.
  • Provide comprehensive, ongoing communication and services.
  • Strategically analyze and review the current financial health and processes of your firm.
  • Analyze the current business structure and make needed recommendations like changing legal entities and compensation techniques to minimize tax consequences.
  • Make recommendations to incorporate tax planning opportunities and any other right-fit tax vehicles.
  • Identify business value drivers.
  • Maintain and enhance the operating financial model.
  • Make recommendations for proper account coding.
  • Make recommendations and help to standardize the chart of accounts, per industry standards.
  • Make recommendations on proper internal controls and segregation of duties.
  • Provide critical budgeting assistance.
  • Set up a useful and timely financing reporting package so you're better able to make informed business decisions.
  • Assists with the setup, reorganization, and/or cleanup of QuickBooks, including the chart of accounts.
  • Facilitates the integration of QuickBooks with your case management software.
  • Meet with you periodically as desired to analyze your firm's financial statements, financial position, and other important financial data.
  • Work with your CPA as needed on relevant tax and financial matters.
  • Provide key training for bookkeepers.
Vista's Fractional CFO services aim to provide increased control over your firm's finances, maximizing profitability.

We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your firm and how Vista's Fractional CFO services may benefit you and your firm.
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"There are things that everyone is doing that they need to stop doing, and there are things that you're doing that you need to do more of. And Vista is a great place to figure out what those things are so you can really sharpen your focus on the best way for you to succeed."
Josh Sanford
Josh Sanford
Sanford Law Firm
"For years and years and years, we just paged out new business calls to the entire team, and there was no protocol on who to take them. I went to an intake boot camp, and out of that, we created an intake department."
Pam Wheeler
Bart Durham Injury Law
"We’re going to be able to get more cases, we are going to be able to flow through the process more, and we're going to have more money that ultimately is going to surpass what we paid for boot camp."
Madison Metro
Commonwealth Law Group
"You should definitely attend. From the information we obtained from the intake boot camp and case management boot camp, we realized that we need to have written procedures, we need to train on those written procedures, and we need to track those written procedures."
Shirley Kelly
William Mattar Law Offices

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