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Our consultants have gotten the chance to work “under the hood” at more than 130 plaintiff personal injury law firms. When we say, “We’ve seen some things!”, it’s not an understatement.
Though no two law firms are exactly the same, we know many of you deal with similar challenges. Perhaps you are looking to grow and need to introduce scalable systems and processes to grow with you. Perhaps you are desperate to collect good, reliable data from which to make more educated business decisions. Perhaps you are looking to the future and want to create a succession plan or potentially sell your firm. Whatever your goal, we’ve been there and can guide you to success by introducing best practices that fit your firm’s culture.

You may have worked with a consultant in the past. Let us guess: they spent a minimal amount of time getting to know you, your team, and your processes. They then generated a canned report that used a plethora of industry buzzwords. Were you drowning in synergy, low hanging fruit, and corporate alignment with no real plan to implement? That’s not Vista. We spend time with your firm in person, getting to know your culture, your team, and your workflow. You’ll find our reports to be real talk, outlining what needs to be done to move the needle. Our work doesn’t just stop there. We don’t generate a report and run! We work with you as an accountability partner, helping you and your team to implement our suggestions. If our report doesn’t make you at least a little uncomfortable, then honestly, we haven’t done our job. We don’t just tell you what you want to hear…we tell you what you NEED to hear to grow or scale or move forward.
How We Help
Vista Team How We Help
Vista’s goal is to get your firm to maximum efficiency and effectiveness, and we work alongside you and your team for as long as it takes to realize that success. The Vista team becomes a part of the fabric of your firm during our engagement. Your consultant works alongside your key team members to implement necessary change, identify and analyze key data, and coach your team. Our “typical” engagement lasts from six to twelve months, long enough to realize change and ensure your team can fly solo! We aren’t consultants who never leave. Our goal is for your firm to generate accurate and reliable firm data and analyze it properly. We want your workflow to make sense, and we want your systems and processes to be scalable and not reliant on individuals. We measure our success not only by the systems and processes we are able to implement at a firm but by the satisfaction of the team with whom we are working. Our consultants, above all else, develop deep and lasting relationships with our client firms. We serve each law firm so that each law firm can serve their clients. We do what we do so that you can become the preeminent law firm in your area, turning your clients into raving fans and brand ambassadors.
360 Degree Approach
Vista Consulting Team will assist you in reaching your firm’s desired performance and growth goals by implementing “tried and true” industry best practices along with innovative techniques and reporting tools. We combine experience in firm management, operational excellence, accounting, and IT with cutting-edge tools, resource availability and an accountability system to make it happen for you! With on-site visits and virtual access, Vista Consulting Team offers its clients a unique perspective and a valuable ongoing experience.

Every successful business is constantly looking for ways to maximize and/or optimize its operations. Personal injury law firms are a business…and are no different. We are confident that our team has solutions for you! Take the first step and allow Vista Consulting Team to help you identify your specific needs. Give us a call today!
360 Approach

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