SPECIAL projects

In our years working with personal injury law firms, we’ve seen the good, bad, ugly, and weird.

We are so much more than consultants who take a surface look at your firm…so much more than dashboard builders. We know and understand your business. We know the providers and vendors in the industry, and we know the struggles you face. Vista Consulting Team has become the “go to” for all things law firm business related. We stand in a league of our own. We frequently work with firms on special projects, like law firm valuations and sales, intake call auditing, analysis and training, department development, and high-level law firm accounting work. These services may be provided as part of your ongoing services post needs assessment or may be provided as custom projects developed exclusively for your firm. If you don’t see quite what you need on the list, don’t worry. We’re also always up for a challenge. If what you’re seeking is in our wheelhouse, we’d be happy to assist. We’ve spent years and years building a pretty substantial wheelhouse. We value our clients so, no matter what you need, you’ll find the same high-quality service for which Vista has become known. Let’s take a closer look at some common examples of special projects:

Sale of Firm

If you’re looking to spend more time away from your firm and feel ready to consider selling, we can complete a comprehensive firm valuation and act as broker in your law firm sale. We appreciate that selling a law firm you’ve spent your entire career building can be difficult, emotional, and stressful. We approach these projects carefully and help you every step of the way.

Intake Call Analysis

Intake is the lifeblood of most personal injury law firms. If your intake team is mishandling calls from potential clients, you may be losing dollars daily and not even know it. Our team can listen to your recorded intake calls or provide ghost calls into your intake team. We then audit those calls and discuss with your team or provide further training and coaching.

Talent Acquisition

Hiring critical team members who will help further your firm’s mission is necessary and incredibly difficult. The Vista team can find talent, interview, and vet potential candidates for key positions at the firm. Why work with a generic recruiter who doesn’t know your industry? Our talent acquisition team understands your firm, culture, and goals.


Our founder is also a CPA, so when we tell you we can crunch numbers, we’re not exaggerating. We can provide a litany of accounting services including best practice recommendations, P&L analysis, and budgeting assistance. Our founder’s consulting CPA firm, McKey Business Group, only works for select businesses providing consulting services (building the roadmap for the future) as well as traditional CPA products and services.

Whatever else you need: Reach out to us if you have a need related to running your law firm. Chances are, we have a resource, recommendation, or service just right for you!

“From operations to accounting, from marketing to income production, the team at Vista has done it all and seen it all. They bring all of the experience and commitment to excellence to bear and work with you to achieve the results that you have dreamed of, but been unable to reach. I know it works, I am living it.”

“I have been working with Tim McKey and the folks at Vista Consulting Team for many years. From attending their conferences to hiring them for a comprehensive firm review, I attribute much of the success of the firm to the techniques they share. As they have grown, the advice they provide goes to a higher level. What started with a focus on metrics and KPI’s (which are still the building blocks) has risen to a focus on team building, firm culture and improved means of delivering legal services. It’s been my privilege to work with them and I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

“After founding and managing one of Nevada’s largest personal injury law firms for over 30 years, and teaching law practice management, I didn’t think there was much a consultant could do for me. I initially asked Vista, “Why would I pay you to tell me what’s wrong with my firm – when I already know it?” Their response was, “We’ll help you fix it.” That had actually never occurred to me, which showed how much I needed them. Beginning with the onsite visit and comprehensive Needs Assessment, the Vista team not only helped fix what I already knew needed attention, I’m pleased to admit they revealed and helped us resolve several problem areas I previously didn’t know about. Not only that, through consistent coaching conferences and initiation of dynamic reporting of key performance indicators, Vista trained and transitioned a new management team to take our firm to the next level. I’m completely satisfied with Vista and recommend their services to any firm, large or small.”

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