Vista’s Fractional CFOs understand the intricacies of plaintiff law firms and provide a truly comprehensive collection of services to strengthen the foundation of the firms they serve.

The Fractional CFO provides high-level, strategic financial leadership:

  • Truly gets to know your firm and acts in partnership with you from the foundation up.
  • Provides comprehensive, ongoing communication and services.
  • Strategically analyzes and reviews the current financial health and processes.
  • Analyzes the current business structure and makes any recommendations to change legal entities and compensation techniques to minimize tax consequences. In addition, makes recommendations to incorporate any other right-fit tax vehicles.
  • Identifies business drivers.
  • Maintains and enhances the operating financial model.
  • Provides some training for bookkeepers.
  • Makes recommendations for proper account coding.
  • Makes recommendations/standardizes the chart of accounts, per industry standards.
  • Makes recommendations on proper internal controls and segregation of duties.
  • Provides budgeting assistance.
  • Sets up a useful and timely financing reporting package.
  • Ultimately, provides increased control over a firm’s finances and maximizes profitability.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how Vista’s Fractional CFO services
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Rebekah Summerville

REBEKAH summerville

Consultant / Chief Financial Officer / CPA