MAURICE velasquez

Management Consultant

T: (225) 383-2974 | E: [email protected]

Maurice joined the Vista Consulting Team in 2018 as Leadership and Management Coach. He has been in the people and leadership world since the late 1990s. Maurice has worked with clients throughout the country to streamline processes, help improve workflow, and increase efficiencies. His aim is to realign and strengthen organizations by providing training to help them master and sustain skills, thus creating long-lasting improvements. His unique approach helps create standardization and maximize growth potential. His passion and forté are personality alignment and collaboration. He has written two game-changing books on building effective teams and is the host of a weekly radio show.

When not busy at work, he enjoys time with his family. He can usually be found watching movies, LSU football, or English Premier soccer. He has a deep love of music and history. He also enjoys participating in various projects and community efforts with his church.

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